Online Help : Game Playing Options and Features

Game : You can start a new game in many ways. Either you can select a new game with a random number shuffle or select a particular game or you can select a specific game number or if you are in the middle of a game then you can restart the game. New Game Select Game Select Game Window All Games Pending List Favorites Hot Games List Incomplete Autosave Finished Autosave Standard Games Original Games Saved Games Recently Saved Games Recently Opened Games Recently Played Games Select Game Number Restart Game Close Game Open Game Save Game Explore : Exploring the game with card movement commands like Undo, Redo, Undo All, Redo All and Replay mode commands such as Replay Forward, Back, Replay All, Stop and Game Pause Command. Undo Redo Undo All Redo All Replay Forward Replay Back Replay Stop Replay All Pause Game Favorites : With Favorites you can add a Game and shuffle number to Favorites List, Organize it and later play this game again with same game name and shuffle. What is Favorites How to Add Games to Favorites FavoritesStructure How to Play a Favorite Game Organize Favorites Favorites Game Details Favorites Folder Details Players : You can add, edit or delete players. Players Player Window Help : Help contains rules of the games, about the game and contents of the help. Options : Contains autoplay, game history, recent games list and view toolbar options. Customize : You can customize a game in many ways. Statistics : You can get game statistics, session statistics, high score and log statistics. Game Statistics Window General Summary Game-wise Date-wise Player-wise