Open a game from the Saved Games list in Select Game Window

Saving the game is an important feature of all our games. Our game engine saves completed game and incomplete games separately with different game extensions. While opening also game engine treats these games in different way. There is a default folder in all our solitaire products to store all the saved games. These folder can be found under my documents My Documents\My Games\[Product Name and Version] Exact location will vary according your operating system and installation folder selections. For e.g. under Windows XP normally Saved games folder for Freecell Collection will be C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\My Games\Freecell Collection 7.0 Whatever the installation it will be under the My Documents folder. So go to my documents and under that you will see My Games Folder. This folder contains saved files of all our products except some old versions. At the time saving our game engine will show this folder as default folder but you can select any folder to save. But remember the Saved Games listing will show saved games only under this folder. So it is a good idea to save all games to the default saved games folder. To see all saved games under the Saved Games Folder click on the Saved Games icon on Select Game Window. This will list all unfinished and finished solitaire games on the center of the window with game name, game number and percentage completed. If it is a finished game the icon will be different and percentage completed will be 100%. Click on the game to see more details on the right side with screenshot of the initial layout and game details like game name, game number, game played date and time (month/day/year hour:minute:second am/pm format), total moves made, score achieved, total time taken and percentage of game completed. If it is a finished game then percentage will be 100% else any number between 0 and 99.Just click on the game to play the game. Whether it is incomplete or finished, game engine will treat accordingly. It if an incomplete game it will go to the last finished position and if it a finished game then it will start Replay from the beginning.