Recently Saved Games List in Select Game Window

Recent list is a necessary feature of any software product especially if it deals with opening and saving of files. Our Solitaire Game's Recent List has 3 sections. Recently Saved Games, Recently Opened Games and Recently Played Games. Our game engine arrange it accordingly. To see the Recently Saved Games click on the Recently Saved menu item under the File Menu. To open it in Select Game Window click on the Recently Saved icon on the left had side of the window. This will list all recently saved games on the center section with game name, game number and percentage completed. Click on the game name to see the details on the right side like game name, number, played date, moves, score, time taken and percentage completed with a small game layout preview. Like saved games list Recently saved list also displays both unfinished and completed games. You can differentiate it with the icon or percentage completed. For a completed game the percentage will be 100% and for an incomplete game it will be a number between 0 and 99. You can also clear the recently saved games list from the options window under the tools menu. Open the Options Window go to the Recent Lists Tab and there you will see a button to clear Recently Saved Games List.