Favorites Structure

Favorites List's Structure Favorites List is arranged in a tree type structure like Windows Explorer. You can create new folders like you do with windows file system. After creating a folder you can move favorite game entries to that folder. It is a completely customizable list. You can rename the folders and delete if it is not required. The basic favorites list structure contains four entries. 1. Game Name 2. Game Number 3. Added Player Name 4. Date Added Game Name mean the name of the solitaire game you would like to add to the list. Game number is the shuffle number of the game and can be vary from 0 to 999 trillion. Player Name is the name of the Player who added the game. Date added contains info like date and time at the time of the addition. The most interesting thing is you don't have to specify any of these details. Favorites Engine will fetch all these from the game data and add it in the list for you. For example a sample entry in the internal storage space look like this Freecell 5555 Player 1 6/10/2006 12:54:34 pm Here Freecell is the Game Name, 5555 is the game number Player 1 is the current player. In the favorites list the game will be shown in the format "Game Name - Game Number" For e.g. the above mentioned game will be shown like Freecell - 5555