Restart the current game with same game and game number

How to Restart the Current Game If you are in the middle of a game and would like to start the game again from the beginning like a fresh game then click on Restart Game button on the toolbar. It is also possible to restart the current game from the menu by clicking on Restart Game. To Restart the game from keyboard hold down the Control Key and press F2 key. This will close the current game, clear the game play area and redraw the cards again with same game name and game number. Game will be at the starting point. i.e. Game pointer in the initial position. Note : When you restart a game you will loose the current game. i.e. game engine will mark the current game as a lost game in the game statistics. When you ask for a restart Game Engine will confirm it with you. If you give Yes it will restart the game and if you give no the same game will continue.