Adding a Game to Favorites List

How to add a game to favorites listTo add a games to favorites first select a new game. A game must be available in the game play area otherwise this option will be disabled. After selecting a new game click on "Add to Favorites" link under the Favorites Menu or click on Add to Favorites button on the toolbar. You can also add a game to favorites by pressing Control and A key together on the keyboard.This will invoke the "Add to Favorites" window. It takes current game name and current game number from the play area. First section of the window is the favorite entry name. This is just a reference for the game you are going to add. This name can be anything but it is good idea to select an easy to identify name. By default "game name - game number" will come as the favorite entry name. For e.g. Cascade - 747158 means game name is cascade and game number is 747158. If you want you can give your own name of the game like "favorite game by player 1 on so and so date. This particular game will be displayed in the favorites list with this entry name. Second section describes the folders in favorites list. All folders available in the favorites list will come by default. These are the folders created by players. You can select any folder you want and this new game will go to that folder. If you want to create a folder just click on the "New Folder" button and enter a folder name. Now favorite engine will create a folder for you with the given name. Click on OK button to save the game to favorite's list. Current game and game number will be saved in the favorites list with the given name and under the given folder. Later you can play this favorite game or delete it. If you don't want to add the game to favorites then click on Cancel button.