Replay Stop

Replay Stop is to return to game mode from replay mode. Game will move to replay mode hen you execute a replay forward or replay back or replay all command. At this mode all normal commands like undo, redo, undo all, redo all etc will be disabled. i.e. it will freeze the game and will not consider any user clicks or there won't any user interactions at this mode except the Replay Stop command. Game engine is included with two timers. Replay Forward Timer and Replay Back Timer. When you run a Replay back command Replay Back Timer will gets activated and when you run a Replay Forward or Replay All command the Repay Forward Timer gets activated. Replay stop button will be enabled only if a replay is in progress. All other cases this will be disabled. When you start a replay game engine will immediately enable it so that you can stop the replay at any time. If you don't trigger the stop command then game engine will complete the replay and automatically move to game mode and disable the stop button. To trigger the stop command click on the Stop button on the toolbar or click on  the Stop menu item under the replay menu. Also when a replay is in progress clicking on the game area or clicking on the cards also stops the replay timers. i.e. same effect like clicking on the stop button. this feature is included in latest versions of our games to avoid confusion.