Replay Forward

Replay forward and Replay back are twin command and is available in all our solitaire products. This feature is unique to our products so you will not find these features in any other solitaire games not even other game flavors like action games, puzzle games, board games etc. Replay is like playing a recorded game again. Game engine record each and every moves you make in the play area. When you execute a Replay command game engine will fetch the data from it's stored memory and play it again. Replay Forward Command will be enabled only if a Redo is possible.. i.e. previous command was an undo. To start a Replay Forward click on the Replay Forward button on the toolbar or click on the Forward menu item under the Replay Menu. This activates the Replay Forward Timer and it will start the replay forward. For e.g. you have reached up to move number 25 in a game and then after many undos reached move number 20. Then a Replay forward will move the game again from 20 in forward direction till move 25. It will stop at latest finished position. When it reaches the latest position game engine will automatically stop the Replay Forward Timer. At the time of the replay all normal functions will be disabled like undo, redo, undo all, redo all.. etc. Also you can stop the replay any time with the Stop button. This will trigger an immediate signal to the Replay timer and it brings back the game mode from replay mode to normal game mode. You can control the replay card speed from the animation window under the customize menu. Open Animation window and adjust the replay speed scrollbar to control the replay speed. try with different values and check it in the play area and opt for a suitable speed. you can set any speed between 0 and 50. 0 means very slow movements and 50 means very fast moves. The Forward command will abandon the effects of the Backward command and will revert to the last move of the current game. You can also run the Replay Forward command from the keyboard with Shift+F1. Replay forward command will get enabled only if you run an Undo command otherwise both toolbar button and menu item will be disabled. Also this will be disabled if there is no game in the game area or the game pointer in the latest position. Also remember that all replay functions are time consuming and will affect your scoreboard numbers negatively. So if you are very particular about scoreboard rating then be careful with replay functions it will drain your scores.