Player wise solitaire game statistics window

All our solitaire games have options to create and manager players. It is an important part of any computer game, whether it is a single player game or a multi player game. This is especially useful when many people use same computer to play games. In today's solitaire game's market almost all commercial solitaire game packages offer facility to create, edit and manager players. Player-wise statistics window is a detailed scoreboard arranged player-wise. This window has divided in to two main areas. In first area you can select a particular player and see charts for that player like total games won/lost by that player and score, moves and time taken for that player. Second area is a detailed listing of all players and their corresponding statistics. This includes total games played by the player, games won and lost, time taken to complete those games, total moves made by the player, score achieved and winning percentage. Also note that only active players will be listed here. Deleted and non-existing players will not be considered for statistics. Even if you delete a player and re-create it with same name our intelligent game and statistics engines treat it as a new player. If you clear game statistics then this window also gets affected because it a game same statistics database is shared between all components including player-wise statistics. So be careful before clearing the statistics.