Selecting aGame with Select Game Window Hot Games List

This option is to start a game from the Hot Games List. Hot Games List is a collection of favorites games selected by the user. This differs from the Favorites Games List mainly due to two reasons. 1. Hot Games List contains only Game names while Favorites list contains game name and corresponding games number. 2. In Favorites, games are arranged in tree like structure. So you can create subdirectories and store games under these subdirectories. But in Hot Games it is in list type.To start a game from the hot games list click on the Hot Games icon on the left side of the Select Game Window.This will list all the games in the Hot Games List on the center of the window. If there is not game in the hot games list then this will be empty, then you can add games to Hot Games list from the Hot Games List Window under the Tools menu. To see the details for a hot game click on that game name. This will show a screenshot of the game on the right side with few details like Game Name, Game Number, Game Type and Number of Decks. To start the game click on the Play button. This will start that game with a random game number.