Selecting aGame with Select Game Dialog Finished Autosave

Finished Autosave List is a collection of completed games. If enabled our game engine will save all finished games automatically to the Autosave default folder. for e.g. for Freecell Collection 7.0 it will save to My Documents\My Games\Freecell Collection 7.0\AutoSave Files To enable or disable this option open Options Window from the Tools menu. In the options window go to Autosave tab and under this you can see option to enable of disable Incomplete Autosave and Finished Autosave. To see all the finished Autosave click on the Finished Autosave icon on the Select Game Window. Then it will display all finished Autosave files available on the center of the screen with game name and game number. To see the game details click on the game name. This will brings up a small preview of the initial layout on the right side with few details like game name, game number, played date and time, total moves, score and time taken to finish the game. Our solitaire game engine treats finished games in a totally different way. It opens the game in the play area and start the Replay of the game from the first move. It is just a preview of the finished game. You cannot move any card. Just watch the preview only. You can stop the preview and do undo or redo but it will not have any effects on the score or timer. Scoreboard and timer takes the values stored in the file for each move. When you do undo or redo it reads from the file and update the card movement, timer and score. So for a finished game engine doest count any player moves. It takes only the old player's moves and statistics. Our game engine acts intelligently so nobody can cheat game engine by opening some other player's finished game and improve his statistics !!