Pause Game

This is an interesting feature included in latest versions of our games. Pause Game command is to pause the game timer for short period of time. When you start a game the game timer will start from 0:00:00. It will keep on advancing till you finish the game or close the game manually. Our score system is totally different from other solitaire and other game products. We give high value for time taken while calculating total score. i.e. even if you waste a single second while playing the game will decrease your total score. i.e. in our games time is also a precious thing for score calculation. Here comes the importance of Pause Game option. Suppose while playing the game you want to take a break to attend a phone call or want to send an email or want some time for some other purpose then if you leave the game just like that your game clock will be counting and your score will be reducing accordingly. To avoid this you can make use of the Pause Game button. To activate the Pause command click on the Pause game menu item under the Game menu or click on the Pause Game button on the toolbar or press the F8 button on the keyboard. This will temporarily suspend the game clock. The game counter stops at that point and you will see an extra tag in the title bar "Game Paused" and game move to a special mode called Pause Mode. At this mode game counter will not tick and no other activity happens. It just freeze the game. Everything like Time, score, moves, cards left stops at that point. So you wont loose the time and score.To come back to normal mode either click on the pause game button again or simple click on any card in the game area. This will bring back the game to normal game mode and you can continue the game. When it comes back to normal mode counter will start ticking, score will update accordingly, title bar "Game Paused" will be removed and you can start playing the game. This is the safe method to break the game for a short period. If you want a break for a long period this option is not recommended. Instead of that you can set the "save unfinished game and restart it on next session" option in the options window. If this option is enabled then game engine store the unfinished game and restart it next time. Or you can simple save the game and open it next time.