Selecting aGame with Select Game Window Incomplete Autosave Option

Autosave is an important feature of our solitaire games. If this option is enabled the solitaire game Autosave engine will save all games automatically. Autosave engine treats incomplete and Finished Games separately by saving them with two different extensions. Incomplete Autosave list is a list of Incomplete Autosave files on your computer for the current product. These files are stored on My Games folder under your My Documents Folder. Exact folder location varies according your windows type and installation but this is the path for the folder under my documents My Documents\My Games\[Product Name with Version]\AutoSave FilesYou can also open an Autosave file by double clicking on the file under this directory. Then our game engine will detect the type of the file and open accordingly whether it is a Incomplete Game or Finished Game. To run an Incomplete Autosave file just click on the Incomplete Autosave Icon on the left side of the Select Game Window.This will list all Incomplete Autosave files with details like game name, game number and percentage of competed on the center of the select game window. If there is no Incomplete Autosave files then this list will be empty. You can enable saving incomplete files automatically from the Options window under the Tools menu. Click on a game name to see the details. Right side of the select game window will show the details of the game like game name, game number, date and time, total moves, game score, time taken to play the game so far and percentage of game completed with a small preview of the game's initial layout. To start the game click on the play button. This will open the incomplete game and start from the latest position. You can continue the game from that point.