Replay Back

Replay is a very unique feature you can find in all our solitaire game products. You may not find this feature in any other solitaire games packages. With this option you can see a preview of the moves you made so far. There are two types of replays. Replay Back and Replay Forward. Replay Back starts replay from the current position and go back one by one and finally reaches the initial game layout. i.e. for example you are in the move no 20 and start the replay then it will go on like 19,18,17.. and finally reaches the 0th move. To run the Replay Back command click on the replay back button on the toolbar or click on the Back menu item under the Replay menu or press Shift+F2 on your keyboard. This will start the replay from the current position and it will play cards one by one in the reverse direction. When a replay is in progress game engine will move game to a special mode called replay mode. In this mode all other game options like Undo, Redo, Undo All, Redo All etc. will be disabled. When it reaches the initial position i.e. move number 0 game engine will stop the replay and close the replay mode and change the game mode to play mode. In this play mode above mentioned options get enabled again. When a replay is running you can stop it with the Stop button. This will immediately stop the replay and change the game mode from Replay mode to Play mode. Like Undo and Redo Replay also affects a player's performance. When you run a replay the game clock will be advancing. So if you waste more time for replays then your score will come down accordingly because when you execute undos or replays you are not going any further in the game. you are just going forward and backward in the game portions which you have already completed. So take special care if you are too particular about your scoreboard ratings.