Selecting a New Game, Open, Restart and Save Game

Start a new game with a random Game Number A new game can be started in many ways. To start a new game with a machine generated random game number click on the New Game option. Game Engine will generate a random number and feed it as game engine input to generate the game shuffle. New Game : Select a Game with Select Game Window Select game dialog displays information about games stored in Autosave Folders , Pending List, Favorites, Recent List, Hot Games and Saved Game Folders. Select Game Dialog also list standard games, original games and all games included in the game package. Select Game
Select Game Window All Games Pending List Favorites Hot Games List Incomplete Autosave Finished Autosave Standard Games Original Games Saved Games Recently Saved Games Recently Opened Games Recently Played Games Selecting a Game Number With Select Game Number Window you can select a game within the allowed range. Default allowed range is between 0 and 999 trillion but you can change this under tools window. Select Game Number : Restarting the Current Game Start the current game from the beginning with same game number. Restart Game : Close the Current Game Close the current game, update the scoreboard and clear the game area. Close Game : Open a Saved GameOpen a previously saved incomplete or Finished game stored in any folder. Open Game : Save the Current Game Save the currently playing game as incomplete game to any selected folder and selected file name. Save Game