Selecting a Game with Select Game Window Original Games List

All our Solitaire Products includes many original games These games are unique to our products. These games are invented by our game development team so you will not find these game in any other solitaire card game products or online solitaire sites. Like standard games all these original games also includes detailed help and rules so you can go through the rules and how to play instructions to learn the rules and play these games. Details about original games are included in help of each solitaire products. So you can differentiate these games from standard games by reading it's help section.Select Game Window also lists of available original games included in the package. Just click on the original games icon on the left side then the center screen will be filled with the original games with game name. Click on the game name to see the details. Right side will show the preview window with a tiny screenshot and few details like game name, game number, game type, number of decks and hot game status.To start the game click on the Play button. To cancel the Select Game Window click on the Cancel button.