Online Help : Undo

Undo and Redo is a necessary feature in solitaire game products today. Zonora Solitaire Games also come with Undo and Redo features. In all our solitaire products we offer unlimited undo and redo. i.e. you can undo the game till the beginning and redo all the previous undos. The Undo commands allows you to abandon any previous card movements. Just executing the undo command once will cancel the last movement and move the card or cards to it's previous positions. clicking again on the undo will cancel the move just before the previous move. To execute the Undo command click on the Undo button on the toolbar or click on the Undo menu item under the Game menu. You can also execute undo command with Control+Z from the keyboard. When you run this command game engine automatically move the card to it's previous position. If last move was a multi move including many cards then game engine will all that cards to it's corresponding previous positions. To run undo again follow the same procedure again. Like you can undo the game till it reaches the initial game layout. When it reaches the initial layout the Undo button and menu item will become disabled. Undo menu item and button on the toolbar will be disabled if there is no further undo possible i.e. game is in the starting position or there is a replay in progress or there is no game in the game play area. Take special care while doing undo in a card which is in the foundation cell. when you move a card back from foundation cell then your score also will drop accordingly. Also when you do an undo the moves and cards left display on the title bar decreases accordingly. Also running so many undos will affect your score badly because with an undo you are going back in a game at the same time game timer is running forward. In all our games score is dependent on time also. So if you take more time to finish a game then your score will reduce accordingly. So try to finish games as fast as possible. Most solitaire packages available today doesn't count time as a deciding factor for score calculation. This is a bad idea because in that case finishing a game in one minute or one day or one week draws the same score. But in our game every second is important. You can use Pause game button to stop the timer if you want some time in between for some other reason like to attend a phone call or to take some rest. You can also control the card moving speed on Undo moves. Just open the Animation window under the customize menu. In the Animation window you will see a scrollbar named Undo/Redo Speed. Adjust the scrollbar according to your choice and this will directly control the card movements in undo and redo commands. Experiment with different card speeds and you will be amazed with the result.