Undo All

Undo All is a unique feature included in all our products. You may not find this in other solitaire game products. With this command you can abandon all the moves made so far. When you execute this command game engine will move all cards back to its original positions and reaches the initial layout. To run this command click on the Undo All item under the game menu or you can enable the Undo All toolbar button with the customize toolbar window. You can also run this by pressing Control and C on the keyboard. When you execute an Undo All command game engine cancel each moves one by one and reaches move 0 and cards left to maximum. For e.g. a one deck game cards left will become 52 and for a two deck game it will become 104. Always remember executing an Undo All command seriously affects your scoreboard ratings especially if there are cards in the foundations. Since Undo All will remove all cards from the foundations your score also will reduce accordingly. Undo All doesn't affect the timer and it will keep on running but all your other score calculating parameters will reduce like moves, cards in foundation etc so your score will reduce drastically. If you want to cancel this Undo All command execute Redo All. Undo All command will be disabled if there is no further Undo possible like if you are in the initial game position or a replay is running or there is no game in the game play area. Undo All and Redo All speed together controlled by the Undo All/Redo All scrollbar in the Animation Window. Start animation window from the customize menu and you will see a Undo All/Redo All scrollbar on the left side of the window. Try with different values and preview it in the play area. The speed can be any number between 0 and 50.