Play a game from Favorites

There are many way to play a game from favorites. 1. You can play a favorites game from Select Game Window. Open select game window and click on the favorites icon. This will list all favorite games including sub folders. Just double click on game name or click on the play button with a game selected will open the game in the play area. 2. Favorites Menu also displays all games in the favorites list including sub folders. Just click on any game name to start that game. Favorite engine will pass it to main game engine and it will start that game in the play area and you can play the game like any other game. 3. You can play a favorite game from organize favorites window. This will will list all favorite games and to start a game just select a game and click on the play button. This will open the game in the play are with the specified game name and number.Each entry in the favorites list contains two things, Game Name and Game number. i.e. each favorites game entry points to a particular game with a specific shuffle number. So when you start a game from the favorites, a new game will be started in the play area with this game name and game number. It is just like you are noting down a game name and shuffle number and later starting it with the info you stored. So it is an easy way to store all your favorite games without much hassles.