Players is an important feature of any computer game. Creating and maintaining players list give an extra edge to any downloadable pc game. All our solitaire game products also includes with option to create new players, edit and delete existing players.After creating a player you have to select him as the main player. Then all the successive games will go to his scoreboard. Any time you can change the current player. When you install the game only one player will be installed named "Player1". If you don't create players all games played will be credited for Player1. It is a good idea to create separate players for each user using the game. So it will be easy to track each game played by individual users. When you create a new player Game Engine will open a new data storage space for that new player and all he successive games played by that player will go to that area whether it is an incomplete game or finished game.Game Statistics Window gives more details about games played by each players like games played, won, lost, score etc. In High Score Window you can see details of highest score achieved by each player. In Log Statistics Window you can filter all games played by a specific player.Session Statistics Window gives current player name.You can also edit or delete existing players any time. Deleted player details will not be shown in the statistics windows. When you delete a player game engine will mark the player as deleted and game engine delete all statistics for that particular player. In it's internal database game engine maintains a unique id for all existing and even deleted players. This is called Player ID and it will be totally unique for all current players and old players. Main idea behind this player id is to maintain the uniqueness of the players. i.e. even if you create a new player with a deleted player name, the new player will be totally different from the deleted player and old player statistics will not reflect for the new player. This is very important thing especially if you create and delete players very often.