Online Help : Undo, Redo Reply and Pause Games

Here is an online help about some basic features in our solitaire games like undo, redo, reply back and forward, pause game etc. Online Help : Explore Game These are the commands available during normal game play. These commands are included in all our solitaire game products. These are the functions to control the game card moves and game timer. You can execute these commands anytime while playing the game provided the feature is enabled at that particular moment. Game engine will automatically enable or disable these commands according to the game's current position. For e.g. a redo will be enabled only after a successful undo. Undo: Abandon the last move. When you run an undo command game engine cancels the previous move and move the game pointer one step backward. If more than one card involved in the last move then game engine move all those cards to it's corresponding previous positions. Redo : Redo command cancels the previous undo and move the card one step forward. If more cards involved in the last undo then game engine move all those cards one step forward and move to the corresponding positions. Undo All : Multiple undos with a single click. Undo All will cancel all the moves made in a game and move the game pointer to the initial position. Redo All : Multiple Redos in a single click. Redo command will cancel all the previous undos and move the game pointer to the latest completed position. Replay Forward : Enabled only if there is one or more previous undos exists. Start from that position and end at the latest completed point. Replay Back : Start a replay from the current position and advance towards the beginning of the game. Replay Back finishes when it reaches initial game layout or move number 0. Replay Stop : This command is to stop any running Replays. This will get enabled only after you start a Replay Forward, Back or Replay All command. Replay All : Start a Replay of the game from the beginning. When you execute this command Game engine immediately move the game pointer to move 0 regardless of it's current position and advance towards the latest position achieved. Pause Game : To stop the game for a small period of time. This command will stop the game timer so score counter also will stop. Click on any card to back to normal mode from Pause Mode.