What is Favorites List

What is Favorites List ? Favorites List is a nicely organized list of favorite games manually added by each players. You cannot remember all your favorite games and game numbers because our every products contains many games and each games can have game numbers up to 999 trillion. So no way you can remember all these games. Here comes the importance of Favorites List. Our Game Favorite Engine will keep track of all your favorite games. Just tell the system that you like this game and game number then system will take care of the rest. Favorite engine write all user inputs to it's internal storage files so you will not loose the date even after you shut down the computer. You don't have to manually enter game name or number. While playing the game just give a command to the Favorites Engine to add the game. Favorites engine will automatically read the current game name and number with player info and current time and add it it's internal database. With just a single click your favorite game is included in the list. Once added you can play the game anytime either from the favorites menu or from the select game dialog. So it is very easy to deal with favorites list. Also you can organize this list like create a new folder, move game or games to this newly created folder. Favorites List is just like a diary or journal contains all your favorite game information. Anytime you can write a new entry, remove one entry or organize the whole list.