Organize Favorites

To organize favorites click on "Organize Favorites" menu item under the Favorites Menu or click on Organize Favorites button on the toolbar. If this button is not available you can enable it from Customize Toolbar Window. You can also invoke this command with Control+F from keyboard. This will brings up the Organize Favorites Window.Left side of the window contains all favorite games organized by a tree type structure like windows explorer. The tree starts with a main folder called "Favorites". Under this favorites folder you will see games and sub folders. Right side of the window has a description section. To see a folder details just click on the folder name then you will see the folder description on the right side. This includes folder name, date created, modified and accessed. To see a game details click on the game name. This will show the game details like Game name, Game number, Added Player name and Date Created. To see games under a sub folder double click on the folder name or click on the + sign. This will expand the sub folder and show all the games under the sub folder. If you want to move a game from one folder to another then click on the game name and select a destination folder name in the move to folder combo box and click on the Move button. This will move the specified game to the specified folder. To create a new folder under the top folder (favorites) just click on the New Folder button. Now favorites engine will ask you the New Folder name. Just give any name and click on OK. This will create a new folder with the give name under the favorites folder.To Rename a game click on the game and click on the Rename button. Now favorites engine will ask a new name for the game. Give any name you want and click on Ok button. The game name will be changed to the new game name given by the player. To Delete a game from the favorites list simply select the game and click on the Delete button. Now favorites engine will confirm it with you again "Are you sure you want to delete this game ?" If you give Yes then the particular game will be deleted from the favorites list.To Play a game from favorites just select any game and click on the Play button. This will close the organize favorites window and start the game in the main window play area with the same game name and number. To close the organize favorites window click on the close button. This will unload the window and control will be back to main window game engine.