Recently Opened Games List in Select Game Window

When you open a saved game file from your hard disk game engine will record that and list it under Recently Opened Games List for both unfinished games and finished games. To see the Recently opened list of games click on the Recently Opened menu item under the File Menu. To see the recently opened list in the Select Game Window click on the Recently Opened icon. This will list all recently opened games with game name, game number and percentage completed. Click on any entry to see more details on the right side with a screenshot.To start the game you can either double click on the game name or click on the Play Button. Like Recently Saved List, Recently Opened List also shows both Incomplete and Finished Games together. You can differentiate it with the icon associated with the game name or with the percentage completed. If it is a finished game then the game percentage will be 100% else it will be any number between 0 and 99 (including). When you start the game our game engine will differentiate both and start the game accordingly. For a completed game it will start the replay and for an incomplete game it will move to the last finished position. You can clear the recently opened list from the options window found under the Tools menu.