Open a saved Game with Open Game Dialog

This option is to open a previously saved game. This option is different from the Saved Games List in the Select Game Window. Saved Games List shows saved files only from the default saved folder. While with Open Game option you can open files from any folder on your computer.To run this command click on Open Game command under the File Menu or click on the Open a Saved Game button on the toolbar.You can also execute it by pressing Control+O on your keyboard. This will brings up the Open Game Dialog Box. Just explore through the folders and select a folder which contains saved files. Now it will list all saved files. You can also filter the list with Files of Type on the bottom. It has two options, Incomplete Game and Finished Game. Select this option according to your requirement and corresponding files will be displayed. Now click on the saved file name and click the Open button. This will open the particular game. Game Engine will take care of the file type. For e.g. if it is an incomplete game then game engine will open the game in the game area and move the game pointer to the latest position. If it is a finished game then game engine will open the game in the game area and start the replay from the first move.You can also cancel the Open Game Dialog Box with the Cancel button.