Selecting a Game with Select Dialog All Games Option

With this option you can select any game included in the particular product. Start the Select Game Window, click on the All Games icon on the left side of the window to list all games included in the package. When you click on the All games icon the center section of the select game window will list all the games in alphabetic order. To see details of a game click on the game name. Now right hand side of the window will show a small screenshot of the game with game layout with few details like Game Name, Game Number Selection type (here it is random), Game Type, Number of Decks and where this game included it the Ho Games List or not.In our Solitaire game products we have two types of games. Original games and standard games. Original games are classic solitaire games like freecell, solitaire, spider solitaire, Klondike.. i.e. which is already exists in the market. Original games are new games invented by our solitaire game developers so you will not find these games in any other solitaire game products. Game type listing will show it is a original game or standard game. Number or Decks shows the number of decks included in the particular game. We have 3 types of games. Single deck games, double deck games and stripped deck games. Single deck games consists of 1 deck or 52 cards. Double deck games contains 104 cards and stripped deck games are with 26 cards. Apart from these some games are with single suit and double suits.