Online Help : Redo Command - Cancel the last Undo

A solitaire card game will be interesting and addictive only if there is an Undo and Redo option available. All our games feature unlimited undo and redo. Redo is basically to abandon previous undo. Redo option will be enabled only if the last move was an Undo. To execute the Redo command click on the Redo button on the toolbar or click on the Redo menu item under the Game Menu. You can also run this command from the keyboard shortcut Control+X When you execute a Redo Game engine will cancel the previous Undo command and move the card to it's previous position. If last undo was involved with many cards then game engine move all that cards accordingly. Redo button and menu item will be disabled if there is no redo possible. i.e. game is in the latest position or last move was not an Undo or a replay is in progress or there is no game in the game play area. In all these cases the Redo button and menu link will be grayed and a click on this doesn't do anything. When this situation changes and a redo command become possible then game engine will automatically enable the redo option. Executing an undo or redo doesn't affect your game play but always remember running these commands will extend your total play time and this will affect your scoreboard ratings. In our system we calculated time taken to finish the game also while calculating score. So if you waste time with undos and redos then your score will reduce accordingly. If you wish to pause the game timer and scoreboard engine to attend a phone call or some other reason then use the pause button. This will temporarily pause the game timer and when you click on cards again it will get activated again. This is the safe method to pause the game without loosing your score. You can also control the Redo Card moving speed from the Animation Window. To display the animation window click on the animation menu item under the customize menu. In the animation window adjust the Undo/Redo Card Speed scrollbar to change the Redo Card speed.