Recently Played Gamed List in Select Game Window

Recently Played Games List contains information about recently played solitaire games. There is a major difference between Recently Played List and Recently Opened and Saved List. Recently played list contains only a pointer to the game name and number but Recently Saved/Opened list contains files with full moves and score information. So when you open a recently played game it will open the game with the initial layout only while for recently saved and played games will open the game and move the game pointer accordingly. To see the recently played list click on the Recently Played menu item under the File menu. To see the list in Select game window click on the recently played icon on the left side. This will display all games in the recently played list on the center with game name and number. You can see more details about the game with single click on the game name or open the game with a double click. A single click will show the details on the right side like game name, game number, game type, number of decks and hot game status with a small preview of the game's initial layout. To clear the recently played games list go to Tools menu and click on options menu item. This will brings up the Options Window. In this window go to the Recent List tab and click on the Clean Now button near to the Clear Recently Played List label.