Players Window

To create, edit or delete a player you have to invoke the Players Window. Click on Players menu item under the Tools menu to brings up the Players Window or hold down Control key and press L on your keyboard. You can also invoke Players Window from the toolbar with Players button. If this button is not available in your toolbar then you can enable it in Customize Toolbar Window. You can invoke the Players Window irrespective of game status. i.e. Even if there is no game in the game play area you can invoke players window and create, edit or delete players. In Players Window the left side list box displays all existing players and current player will be highlighted. Right side of the window you will see 3 buttons. New, Edit and Delete. With New button you can create a new player. Edit and Delete buttons are to edit and delete an existing player. Now you can change the current player with the Select button. Just click on any listed player and then click on the Select button and this will select that player as the main player. If you don't want to change the current main player then click on Cancel button. Both Select and Cancel buttons close the Players Window only difference is Select button change the main player and close the window but Cancel button simply close the window leaving the main player as it is.