Replay All

Replay All command to Replay the game from the beginning. For e.g. if you are in move number 100 and want to preview moves made so far then just execute this command. This will immediately move back all cards to its corresponding positions quickly are reaches move 0. Then it activate the Forward Timer and replay the moves one by one till 100. When it reach last move (here it is 100) then it deactivate the timer and change the mode back to game mode. To run the Replay All command click on the Replay All menu item under the Replay menu. When you run this replay all command game engine immediately change the game mode to replay mode move the game pointer to initial point or move 0 an start the replay from there. Like Replay forward and back replay all also can be terminated with the Stop button. With a single click on the stop button will end the replay all command. Or you can click on the game area or any card to stop the replay timer.Replay Speed scrollbar setting under the Animation dialog affects Replay All command also. To control the speed of the Replay All just set the scrollbar value accordingly. Note that since Replay All takes a long time to complete especially game with large number of moves, this also will affect your scoreboard numbers. When you execute a replay all command the game pointer moves to first position so all cards in foundation will be back to it's original positions and because of that your score will be reduced accordingly but it will be back when the replay puts back those cards but by that time you will loose the time taken for the replay and it will reduce the overall score. Replay functions are mainly to learn the game and know about each move in details. if you are very particular about scoreboard values then be careful with replay commands.