Spider Collection

Spider Solitaire game is a popular and addictive solitaire card game. Spider solitaire or game solitaire spider gained it popularity mainly due to it's unique nature of play. Many free spider solitaire card games are available on the web as free download. Online spider solitaire card games are also gaining popularity. But downloadable spider solitaire game products are with more features compared to online spider solitaire versions. Spider Solitaire is a solitaire card game of two decks. ie 104 cards or 8 suits (each suits contains 13 cards each). two suits of hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. Single suit and Two Suit games also popular. Spider Collection is a Spider Solitaire Games Collection with 62 Spider Solitaire games including 11 regular games and 51 original games. Spider Collection includes many standard classical variations like Beetle, Scorpion, Spiderette, Scarab, Spider Solitaire one suit, Spider Solitaire two suit. Apart from classic solitaire games Spider Collection also includes 51 new Spider Solitaire Games invented by the authors of Spider Collection. These new spider solitaire games includes Baker's Spider, Cone Spider, Double Baker's Spider, Double Fan Spider and many more. These spider solitaire games are unique to Spider Collection. Spider Solitaire Collection Features Spider Solitaire Games Collection has many unique features compared to other solitaire card games collections. With Moves Manager you can move to any position in the currently playing Game with a single click. Pending List is another unique feature of Spider Solitaire Collection. With Pending List you can add any game to pending list. Once added it will remain in Pending List till you finish it or manually delete it from pending list. You can add your favorites Games to Favorites List with Game number and game name. Hot Games List contains game names of your favorite Games. AutoSave also another unique feature of Spider Solitaire Collection. If it is enabled Spider Solitaire Collection will save all incomplete and Finished Games to Autosave list and you can play it later. Detailed statistics, undo/redo, undoall/redoall, replay, automatic game loading, recent list are some major features of Spider Solitaire Collection. Spider Solitaire Collection 30 Days Trial Free Download A fully functional 30 days evaluation version of Spider Collection is available as free download. With this free spider solitaire download you can play spider solitaire games for 30 days without paying any fee including game spider solitaire. Spider Solitaire Collection 30 Days Evaluation Free Download Lifetime Free Upgrades This is most exciting feature of our solitaire game products. We offer a Lifetime Free Game Upgrades for all our game products. ie Once you purchase our solitaire game then you will get unlimited free game upgrades. So no need to purchase again when we release a new version. Just Pay a one time nominal fee and get game upgrades for lifetime !!!
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