Palm Solitaire Card Games - S

Seahorse Solitaire - Seahorse Solitaire Collection is an all in one package is great for solitaire enthusiasts.

Solitaire City - Solitaire City is played against the clock ! The faster you complete a game, the higher your score, the best of which are stored in one of many hi-score tables.

Solitaire Combo - Solitaire Combo is a combination of Spider Solitaire and Classic Solitaire.

Solitaire Mania -  A high-quality collection of 12 world's most popular  solitaire card games with an excellent graphics and animation.

Solitaire Mania Pro - With more than 500 games this is the largest solitaires collection for PalmOS!

Solitaire Pack I - Solitaire Pack I is a collection of 11 solitaire games for your Palm Powered™ handheld

Solitaire Pack II - Solitaire Pack II is a collection of ten solitaire games for your Palm Powered handheld

Solitaire Poker - Solitaire Poker is a simple and addictive card game. It is a solitaire in which poker hand scores must be obtained.

Solitaire House - Solitaire House is a solitaire pack. Eight famous solitaires in one: Klondike, Trefoil, Freecell, Grandfather's Clock, Four Seasons, Yukon, Fortune's Favour, Chinese.

Solitaire Studio - Enjoy Solitaire Studio on your Palm OS 5 and Sony Clie.

Spider - This is a Palm version of very addictive card game, Spider Solitaire.

Spider Mania - One of the most popular solitaire games with an excellent graphics and animation.

Spider Mania Pro - One of the most popular solitaire games with an excellent graphics and animation. The game offer selectable background and card backs, undo, replay, save game and much more.

Spider-on-the-Palm - Spider-on-the-Palm is an implementation of the Spider Solitaire for Palm handhelds.

Solitaires Unlimited -  Solitaires Unlimited is a collection of 700 solitaires in a single package.
Solebon: Premium Solitaire for Palm OS  - Created for the serious solitaire player, Solebon is designed to provide the best solitaire experience on Palm Powered handheld devices.
Solitaire Game Pack Vol   - Solitaire Game Pack Vol.1 The first-installment package of the famous solitaire game. Yet another card game that comes with a wide variety of one- and two-deck type to choose from.
SU : Spiders - SU : Spiders include 18 Spider-like solitaires from Solitaires Unlimited collection.
SU : Freecells - SU : FreeCells includes 17 most popular FreeCell-like games from Solitaires Unlimited collection.
SU : Klondikes - SU : Klondike is a collection of 22 Klondike-like games from Solitaires Unlimited.