Palm Solitaire Card Games - S


Seahorse Solitaire
- Seahorse Solitaire Collection is an all in one package is great for
solitaire enthusiasts.

Solitaire City
- Solitaire City is played against the clock ! The faster you complete
a game, the higher your score, the best of which are stored in one of many
hi-score tables.

Solitaire Combo -
Solitaire Combo is a combination of Spider Solitaire and Classic

Solitaire Mania

 A high-quality collection of 12 world's most popular 
solitaire card games with an excellent graphics and animation.

Solitaire Mania Pro
With more than 500 games this is the
largest solitaires collection for PalmOS!

Solitaire Pack I -
Solitaire Pack I is a collection of 11 solitaire games for your Palm
Powered™ handheld

Solitaire Pack II -
Solitaire Pack II is a collection of ten solitaire games for your Palm
Powered handheld

Solitaire Poker -
Solitaire Poker is a simple and addictive card game. It
is a solitaire in which poker hand scores must be obtained.

Solitaire House -
Solitaire House is a solitaire pack. Eight famous solitaires
in one: Klondike, Trefoil, Freecell, Grandfather's Clock, Four Seasons,
Yukon, Fortune's Favour, Chinese.

Solitaire Studio -
Enjoy Solitaire Studio on your Palm OS 5 and Sony Clie.

Spider - This is a Palm version of
very addictive card game, Spider Solitaire.

Spider Mania - One
of the most popular solitaire games with an excellent graphics and

Spider Mania Pro -
One of the most popular solitaire games with an
excellent graphics and animation. The game offer selectable background and
card backs, undo, replay, save game and much more.

- Spider-on-the-Palm is an implementation of the Spider Solitaire for
Palm handhelds.

Unlimited is a collection of 700 solitaires in a single package.

Premium Solitaire for Palm OS
Created for the serious solitaire player,
Solebon is designed to provide the best solitaire experience on Palm
Powered handheld devices.

Solitaire Game Pack Vol  
- Solitaire Game Pack Vol.1
The first-installment package of the famous solitaire game. Yet another
card game that comes with a wide variety of one- and two-deck type to
choose from.

SU : Spiders - SU : Spiders
include 18 Spider-like solitaires from Solitaires Unlimited collection.

SU : Freecells - SU :
FreeCells includes 17 most popular FreeCell-like games from Solitaires
Unlimited collection.


SU : Klondikes - SU :
Klondike is a collection of 22 Klondike-like games from Solitaires