Solebon 1.02


Palm OS

Price: $24.99  

File Size: 350KB

Solitaire City 1.02


Release Date:
September 9, 2005


Solebon Description:  

Created for the serious solitaire player,
Solebon is designed to provide the best solitaire experience on Palm
Powered handheld devices. Solebon offers fifty solitaire card games,
including classic favorites such as Klondike, Free Cell, Aces Up, Four
Seasons, Golf, Miss Milligan, Pyramid, Scorpion, Spiderette, Yukon, and
many more -- a collection of games representing a balanced mix of gameplay,
difficulty and popularity.

Solebon offers an outstanding selection
of features to make gameplay smooth and efficient. Features include:

Standard and High-resolution Graphics
Easy-to-read Screens
Shortcut Toolbar
Game Timer
Scoring System
Game Statistics
Game Cheats
Unlimited Undo
Choice of Card Backs
Virtually Unlimited Background Color Mixer
In-game Rulebook
Normal or Bold Card Numerals
Tap or Drag Card Movement
Card Autoplay
Scrolling or Compressed View
Reversible Layout
Color and Grayscale Screen Compatibility