Solitaire Game Pack Vol.1 2.8

Download Solitaire Game Pack

Platform: Palm: M505, Palm OS 2.0
Price: $7.95
File Size: 341KB
Rating: 4Corners Solitaire 4.3
Publisher: Wideknowledge
Release Date: February 1, 2006

Solitaire Game Pack Description:  

Solitaire Game Pack Vol.1 The first-installment package of the famous solitaire game. Yet another card game that comes with a wide variety of one- and two-deck type to choose from.

* PalmOS 2.0 to PalmOS 5.0.x Compatibility.
* Supports low- and high- resolution devices.
* A hint logic feature that gives the best move out of all possible moves.
* supports unlimited Undo on a game.
* View of statistics on all games.
* Supports a left- and right- handed layout for card placements.
* Supports table pattern background.
* Gives you the option to select whether to play on a graphical suit or just plain suit.
o Good for slow devices.
* Option to set to black and white mode.
o Good for low-resolution/black & white scale devices.
* Has an option to display a card number counter for you to be reminded on the number of remaining cards to deal.
* Has options for you to customized your shortcut keys.
* Supports color selections for background table.
* Supports color selections for cards.
* Added a random song if you feel lonely.
* Supports 160x160, 320x320, 320x480
* Supports landscape and portrait.
Plus Free Lifetime updates!