Solitaire Poker 2.0  

Solitaire Poker

Any Palm

Price: $49.95  

File Size: 69K

Solitaire Poker 2.0

Publisher: Floriano

Release Date: February
16, 2004


Solitaire Poker Description:  

Solitaire Poker is a simple and addictive card game. It
is a solitaire in which poker hand scores must be obtained.

It provides large, highly recognisable cards, smooth animations and plenty
of game statistics. You can play either with your stylus or through the
hardware buttons on your handheld.

It runs on all Palm OS devices, both color and black & white.
Solitaire Poker is Palm OS 5 enhanced! And, of course, it's freeware!

A brief game description follows:

* Four columns are to be completed with five cards each. The goal of the
game is to achieve the best poker hand in each column. The first row is
filled automatically, then tap on one of the columns to place the next
card. You cannot begin a new row of cards before completing the previous
row. You go on until all four columns have five cards. Then your final
score is calculated.

* In the 'Statistics' screen the three best scores with date and time
stamps, the worst score, the overall number of games played and the
average score per game are shown.