RISS Solitaire Pak 1.1

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Platform: Windows 95/98/NT
Price: 5-Pak :$19.95 ; 8-Pak : $29.95
File Size: 145KB
Rating: Timwin's Game Suite
Publisher: Rhode Island Soft Systems
Release Date: August 21, 1996

RISS Solitaire Pak Description:  

The RISS Solitaire Pak, a collection of single-player card games, goes beyond the standard single game that is common to Windows programs in terms of variety and level of challenge. Contains Frog and King Albert solitaires -- two captivating, single-player card games that are quite different and unique. Each of these Windows solitaire games offers a different type of challenge. Up to 6 more card games are available in registered versions.

There are two registered versions available, the 5-Pak for $19.95 and the 8-Pak for $29.95.