Solitaire Pack II 3.16

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Platform: Palm OS 2.x
Price: $14.95  
File Size: 202K
Rating: Solitaire Pack II 3.13
Publisher: Stand Alone Inc
Release Date: October 3, 2003

Solitaire Pack II Description:  

Solitaire Pack II is a collection of ten solitaire games for your Palm Powered™ handheld:

Free Cell - Build each foundation in ascending order and according to suit, and the columns in descending order, alternating by color.
Spider - A larger version of Spiderette from our Solitaire Pack Vol. 1.
Montana - Arrange the cards in four rows, by suit, from Two to King.
Ace's High - Remove all the cards except for the Aces.
Forty Thieves - Build all eight foundations in ascending order, based on suit.
Canfield - Build all four foundations in ascending order, based on suit, starting with an initial card and wrapping from King to Ace.
West Cliff - Build the foundations in ascending order, by suit, leaving no cards remaining in the ten columns.
Yukon - Follows the same setup as Klondike, but contains no discard pile.
Thirteens - Discard all of the cards. If the values of two adjacent (or diagonal) cards add up to thirteen, the cards are discarded.
Towers - Build the foundations in ascending order in suit from Ace to King.