Solitaire Pack I 3.16

Solitaire Pack I

Platform: Palm
OS 2.x

Price: $14.95  

File Size: 586K

Solitaire Pack I 3.13

Publisher: Stand
Alone Inc

Release Date: April
28, 2004


Solitaire Pack I Description:  

Solitaire Pack I is a collection of 11
solitaire games for your Palm Powered™ handheld:

Klondike - The most traditional of solitaire games. Build up the four
foundation piles from Ace to King.

Poker Square - Form the highest scoring poker hands possible.

Eight Off - Build up the four foundation piles in order, and in suit.

Bristol - Build up the four foundation piles in descending order,
regardless of suit.

Pyramid - Remove all cards from the playing field.

Black Hole - Stack all of the cards on the foundation in the lower right
hand corner.

Calculation - You win when all four foundations are built up to the King.

Carpet - The object of is to build all four of the foundations from Ace to
King, in suit.

Golf - The goal is to remove all of the cards from the seven columns.

Spiderette - The objective is to build each suit from Ace to King and
place them on the foundations.

Leap Frog - Clear the board by jumping cards!