SU: Freecells 1.06

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Palm OS 4.0

Price: $9.95

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4Corners Solitaire 4.3


Release Date:
September 6, 2005

SU: Freecells Description:  

FreeCells includes 17 most popular
FreeCell-like games from Solitaires Unlimited collection. If you like
playing FreeCell this collection is ideal to extend your knowledge of the
game and try different rule variations. To make your gameplay more
interesting all games have a detailed how-to-play instructions, next move
suggestion feature, unlimited undo and many other features.

FreeCells collection includes such games as: Baker's Game, Challenge
FreeCell, Double FreeCell, Eight Off, Eight On, ForeCell, Four by Ten,
Four Colours, FreeCell, Inverted FreeCell, KingCell, Milligan Cell,
Repair, Scorpion Towers, Sea Towers, Seven by Five and Seven by Seven.