My Spider Rules

My Spider is a Spider Solitaire game studio. You can create your own Spider Solitaire games with this highly customizable Spider Solitaire Game studio. Here is a standard rule for playing Spider Solitaire Game. You can change these rules and create new Spider Solitaire games. How to play Spider Solitaire Object : To build 8 sets of 13 cards in the tableau in a sequence down in suit from King to Ace. Layout : Foundation (8 Piles) No direct building on the foundations. If a sequence King to Ace in suit is built in the tableau, it will be automatically moved to the foundation. Tableau (10 Columns) Build down regardless of suit. Top card of each column is available for play to another tableau column. A group of cards can be moved to another tableau column only if they are in sequence down in suit. Spaces may be filled with any card.
Stock Click once on the stock to deal a row of cards to the tableau columns. No Redeal.