My Spider Features

My Spider is a solitaire game studio and editor for Spider Solitaire Card Games. You can create your own games on the fly with highly efficient and customizable game studio. My Spider is equipped with many exciting and unique features like.. Detailed Game Statistics Window General Summary : Details like Games played, won, lost etc. This also shows a graph for won/lost games and score/moves/time Game-wise : Detailed statistics of each game. This include inbuilt games and create games by game wizard. Date-wise : Statistics organized by date. You will be able to filter statistics by last 5 days, 10 days etc Player-wise : Statistics for all active players. Played Games, won, lost statistics for all existing users in the game with chart. Clear/Export Statistics : With Clear Statistics button you can erase entire statistics and with export statistics option you can export the scoreboard to a text file. High Score Window This window contains details like overall top score, game-wise and player-wise statistics and finished games details with score, time and moves wise listing.
Session Statistics Window This window shows summary of current game and current session. This also has another tab with detailed listing of this session games with chart. My spider also contains many other exciting features like pending list, moves manager, favorites, hot games list, recent list. Please visit our main features page for more details.