My Freecell Rules

My Freecell is a Freecell Solitaire game studio. You can create your own Freecell games with this highly customizable Freecell Solitaire Game studio. Here is a standard rule for playing Freecell Solitaire Game. You can change these rules and create new Freecell Solitaire games. How to play Freecell Solitaire Game The object of the game to get all cards in the foundation cell in a proper arranged order from Ace to King in four columns. Foundation (4 Piles) There are four foundation piles in a standard Freecell Solitaire Game. Base card for foundation cells is Ace. i.e. you have to start building from the Ace of each suits. For example an a hearts foundation cell will start with Ace of hearts and build 2 to 10, then jack, queen and finally king of hearts. This rule is only for standard freecell game. You can change this with the foundation base card option in the game editor or new game wizard when you create a new game. If this is set to two then you have to start building from two. Tableau (8 Columns) In a standard freecell game there are 8 columns of cards. These are called tableau piles. When you create new games you can change this rule and specify your own values. Tableau card arranging order is Down in alternating colors. i.e. you have to arrange cards down in order and you have to arrange it in alternating colors. For example you can put a seven of clubs on top of an eight of hearts because both cards belongs to different suits and they are opposite in color and order by rank. Again card arranging order in tableau also can be changed for new games. Multi move is enabled in the tableau. That is a group of cards can be moved as a group if they are in proper order and there is enough free spaces in tableau or free cells. Multi move can be enabled or disabled for new games. Space may be filled with any available card. Again this also can be changed for new games in the game editor window. Free Cells (4 Cells) Free Cells or reserve cells are an integral part of freecell game and the name freecell itself came with this group of cells normally found on the top left side of the main game window.
Free Cells are to store cards temporarily. If there is no possible move in the tableau then you can make use of free cells to store cards. Each cell can hold only one card at a time. Cards in these free cells can be played like any other free cards and can be moved to either foundation or tableau cells. In a standard classical freecell game there are four free cells but this again can be adjusted with game editor for new games. If you don't want freecell then you can even set this value to zero. In Freecell game there wont be any card in free cells at the starting point. But in My Freecell you can specify number of initial cards in free cells.