My Freecell Features

My Freecell is a high quality Freecell Solitaire Game Studio and Editor. With this highly customizable Solitaire Studio you can create 100s of new games with very easy procedure. My Freecell has many new features compared to traditional solitaire game products like.. My Freecell New Game Wizard : New Freecell Solitaire Games can be created with this very powerful Game Wizard. When you start this you will be prompted with few settings like Base card, initial cards and card arranging order for the foundation, piles, card arranging order, space filling card, ace king wrapping and multi card move for the tableau, number of free cells and cards in free cells for the reserve cells. After you specify these things My Freecell Game engine will ask a name for the new game. Just give any name. Then game engine will save this game and update its internal game database. With this New Game Wizard you can create many new games like this by just changing the rules for tableau, foundation an free cells. My Freecell Game Editor : This is another important feature of My Freecell. With this you can edit a game created with New Game Wizard. You can change the existing rules for the particular game except the current game. To change the rules for the current game you have to close the game first.
Apart from these main unique features My Freecell also has many common features normally found in Zonora Solitaire Card Games. Most of these features are unique to our game collections so you will not find these in any other competitor's products.