Freecell Collection Games List

Freecell Collection is a high quality collection of 62 Freecell Solitaire Games. Freecell is one of the most popular solitaire card game ever invented. Freecell Collection is a mix of freecell and standard variations plus new games. Basically Freecell Collection contains two type of games. Standard Games These are classical freecell games which have been in the solitaire area for many years but still many solitaire players love to play. Freecell collection includes 14 standard freecell games. Baker's Game, Bastion, Eight Off, Forecell, Four Colors, Freecell, Milligan Cell, Penguin, Sea Towers, Seven By Four, Spidercells, Stalactites, Tuxedo and Two Cells. Original (New) Games These games are invented by our game development team and first introduced in Freecell Collection. These are our own unique games with new rules and layout so you will not find it in any other game products.
Avenue, Baker's Spider, Bouquet, Carnival, Cascade, Color Cell, Color Fantasy, Cone Freecell, Double Baker's Game, Double Baker's Spider, Double Bouquet, Double Cascade, Double Color Cell, Double Color Fantasy, Double Freecell, Double Freecell AK, Double Galaxy, Double Klondike Freecell, Double Majesty, Double Spidercells, Dream Fan, Fancell, Freecell AK, Freecell Reversed, Freecell Two Suit, Galaxy, Gazette, Klondike Freecell, Little Gazette, Luxury, Magic Freecell, Majesty, Mania, Marine Drive, Mission, Oasis, Old Avenue, Opera, Petal, Scorpion Freecell, See-saw, Simon Freeecell, Simple Carnival, Simple Zodiac, Spider Freecell, Stripped Freecell, Vertical Freecell and Zodiac.