Freecell Collection Features

Freecell Collection is a freecell solitaire card games collection with 62 solitaire card games. Out of this 62 games 48 are new games that means these games are invented by our games development team so you will not find these games in any other downloadable pc solitaire game packages or online solitaire game sites. Freecell Collection also equipped with many exciting features. Freecell Collection supports 999 trillion shuffles. So every time you start a new game with a random game option a new game is guaranteed. Also you can select a particular game number with the select game number window. You can also set this shuffle range with options dialog. it can vary between 9 and 999 trillion. With this value Freecell Collection game engine create a game if you select random game number option. Unlimited Undo and Redo is another important feature of Freecell Collection. With this feature you can undo a game till the beginning of the game i.e. the initial game layout. With Redo you can redo all the previous undos and go to the latest finished position. Undo All and Redo All are another feature of Freecell Collection. With the help of Undo All and Redo All you can cancel all moves and go to the beginning of the game or latest position with a single click. Freecell Collection also stores information about recently played, opened and saved games list. Later you can open and play these games with a single click. Replay is a unique feature of Freecell Collection. You will not find this feature in other solitaire game products. Freecell Collection has options to Replay Forward, Backward or Replay all the moves. Pending List is an important feature of Freecell Collection and our other solitaire game products. Pending List is a permanent storage position for incomplete games. Any time you can add a game to pending list. Once added it will remain there till you finish the game or manually delete it from pending list. This is a very unique feature of our games so you will not find it in any other solitaire or other type of games like actions games, puzzle games.. etc
These are some basic features of Freecell Collection. Apart from these Freecell Collection also includes many features like Favorites, Pause Game, Autoplay, Moves Manager etc To feel the difference, download a free trial version of Freecell Collection. It is full featured game with 30 days time limit. During the 30 days you can play any number of games try all options and features..