Spider Collection Features

Spider Collection is a collection of 62 Spider Solitaire Games. Spider Solitaire is a very interesting solitaire card games with fans all over the world. Solitaire Players love it's unique nature and game layout. Spider Collection is basically build with Spider Solitaire in mind but includes many classical versions of Spider Solitaire plus many new variations invented by our game development center. Spider Collection has many exciting features. Like out other solitaire games Spider Collection also supports 999 trillion shuffles so you wont be playing the same game again and again. Our smart random game generator creates new games each time you start a game with random game option. Spider Collection also supports other basic features like unlimited undo, redo, undo all and redo all. Replay a played game or currently playing game is another feature of Spider Collection. Hot Games List contains list of your favorite games out of the 62 total games. This differs from Favorites List. Favorites list contains info about your favorite shuffles. i.e info about game name and game number but hot games list contains info about favorite games. With favorites list you can add all your favorite shuffles with game name. You can organize this list by creating new folders, move games to particular folders. You can also play from these favorites list with a single click. Favorites list is arranged tree type structure like windows explorer so it is very easy to organize. Moves Manager is another important feature of our games. It is an array of all moves in the current game. When you make a move then moves manager record it and keep the data in it's internal storage memory. You can invoke the Moves Manager window from the menu or toolbar. This window will list all moves one by one and with a single click you can go to any move in the game even if you have 100s of moves.
Apart from these features Spider collection also has many features like pending list, customize cards, decks, background, toolbar and sounds, pause game save game, automatic game loading.. etc To see all the feature and feel it you can simply download a free evaluation version. It doesn't cost you anything and you can try it for 30 days. It is a full featured and time limited version of Spider Collection. By trying it you don't loose anything because if you don't like it you can uninstall it any time. If you like it you can purchase it from our online ecommerce server any time.