Solgames Features

Solgames 2004 is a high quality collection of solitaire card games. It contains 350 solitaire games. Solgames is with many new exciting features compared to traditions solitaire card games products and online solitaire games sites. This solitaire product has some very good unique features which you wont find in any other solitaire card games products currently available in the web market today. Some of these features are Unlimited Undo and Redo : With this feature you can completely undo or redo a game. Undo All and Redo All : With a single click you can undo the all previous moves till the beginning or to redo all the previous undo moves. Pending List : This is a very unique and advanced solitaire feature included in all our solitaire card game products. Pending list is a temporary storage place for incomplete games. You can keep your incomplete games in a safe way here. Even if you restart your computer or does not open the game for many days these pending list games will stay there. To remove a game from pending list either you have to finish it or manually remove it from there. This is a nice way to play and keep track of your pending games.
Moves Manager : This is another unique feature included with our games. You will be able to keep track of all your moves in the current game with Moves manager and you can go to any move with a single click. Solgames 2004 also equipped with many other features like recent list, favorites, detailed game statistics, extensive help system, online rules...etc