My Solitaire Features

My Solitaire has many new features compared to other industry leading solitaire card game products. Many of these features are unique to My Solitaire and other Zonora Solitaire Card Game Products. So you will not find these features in any other solitaire products available in the market today. Some of these features are.. Pending List : With this feature you can add any incomplete games to a special section called Pending List. This is a place to keep those incomplete games, which you want to complete later. These games will remain there till you finish it or delete it. Even if you switch of the computer it will remain there. Moves Manager : With Moves manager you can monitor all moves in the current game in a single window. With a single click you can go to any move even if you have hundreds or thousands of move. Moves manager lists all moves with move number, source cell and destination cell. Replay : This allows you to replay a game forward or backward. This is like a preview of the portion of game completed. There is also a stop button with this you can stop a replay at any point of time. There is also a replay all option to start a replay from the initial position.
Recent Games List : My Solitaire stores info about all recently opened, played and saved games list. So you will be able to start any recent games with a single click. Apart from these features My Solitaire has many other features also like 999 trillion shuffles, unlimited undo and redo, undo all and redo all, auto play, favorites etc