My Klondike Rules

My Klondike is a Klondike Solitaire game studio. You can create your own Klondike games with this highly customizable Klondike Solitaire Game studio. Here is a standard rule for playing Klondike Solitaire Game. You can change these rules and create new Klondike Solitaire games. How to play Klondike Solitaire Object : To move all the cards to the foundation. Layout : Foundation (4 Piles) Build according to the foundation arranging order. Tableau (7 Columns) Build in table arranging order. Top card of each column is available for play to another tableau column. If Multi Move is selected then packed sequence of cards can be moved to another tableau column. Spaces may be filled with the selected card in the game wizard.
Stock (24 cards) Click on the stock to deal a card to the waste. Unlimited Redeals are allowed. Waste (1 Pile) Top card is available for play to the tableau or to the foundations