Freecell 2006 Features

Freecell 2006 has many advanced features which you will not find in any other freecell solitaire game products. Three Million Starting Positions Freecell 2006 supports 3 million starting positions. It is possible to customize the selection range. 0-40000,0-640000 and 0-3240000. ie. if you select the first range Freecell 2006 will automatically generate a number between 0 and 40000. Unlimited Undo, Redo, Undo All and Redo All Unlimited Undo, Redo, Undo All and Redo All are another feature of Freecell 2006. Freecell 2006 can Undo to the beginning of the game and redo all the undo's and user can customize the speed of Undo, Redo, Undo all and Redo all. Replay a Game Forward and Backward Replay is another interesting feature of Freecell 2006. It can play any game Forward and Backward and the speed can be adjusted from the options dialog. Save Incomplete and Finished Games Separately Freecell 2006 save Incomplete game as .fcl and finished game as .f2k When you open a .fcl file it goes to the last played position and when you open a .f2k file it starts playing from the beginning of the game. AutoSave Games with Date and Time Stamp Freecell 2006 can automatically save all Incomplete and Finished Games. If Autosave is enabled for Incomplete games, when you loose a game Freecell 2006 saves the game to Incomplete folder. If Autosave is enabled for Finished games, Freecell 2006 adds game to Finished folder when you win. Add, Organize and Play from Favorites In Favorites section you can add any played game. Freecell 2006 has options to organize and open from favorites. Scoreboard with Scores, Top Scores and Statistics Freecell 2006 is having a detailed Score Board which tells you all about games played, Games Won, Lost, Time Taken, Moves, Score, Player Name and Winning Percentage. Also it is having a Statistics option which will give you details about all the players and Top Score Tab will give details about 10 top Scores. You can Export score to a text file and also you can clear score board. Recent List for Incomplete and Finished Games Freecell 2006 will keep a Recent list of 5 Incomplete and 5 Finished games. It will be shown in the Menu and you can open any of these games. General and Global Games History Freecell 2006 is having a General and Global History of Scores. General history is a detailed information of games played and Global history is a short list of games played for each player. Global history will not be cleared when you clear General history. So you can clear General history regularly to save disk space. You can also clear and export Global history. When you clear global history General history also will be cleared. Adjustable Card Speed for all Movements You can adjust card speed for General card movements, Undo/Redo, UndoAll/RedoAll and Replay. Snapshot Position - Return to Saved Position You can save a position with snapshot position and later can return to that position by selecting Redo to Snapshot. Automatic Game Saving on exit If you select this option Freecell 2006 will automatically save game when you exit game and will start the same game in same position when you start Freecell 2006 next time. Other Features Freecell 2006 has many other features like Export Scoreboard and Game Source, Customizable Toolbar, Menu and Status bar, No. of Moves, Cards Left and Possible Moves Display and Background Color and Image options. To know more about these features and experience the difference download a free trial version of Freecell 2006. You can install and play the evaluation version free for 30 days without paying any fee.